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ASI uses a development methodology called Scrum. In our scrum development environment, work is done by teams in two-week cycles called sprints. The result of a sprint is a demonstrable and potentially deliverable product increment. Since Scrum is an iterative process, a full, complex feature might require several sprints to complete, but each sprint will show functional increments building towards completing the final product feature. The features in this video will be implemented upon the next available upgrade. Enjoy!

Training Resources

ASI offers a variety of different training courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. These courses are available on a wide range of topics, including General overviews, Using modules, Administration, Reporting and Programming.

Courses are provided online, at ASI offices worldwide, as well as delivered to you at your workplace. ASI training courses can even be customized for your specific needs

If you are interested in more information about customized training or training at your workplace, please contact us at training@advsol.com or visit our Training portal at ASI Training.

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