All interactions with your members, donors, and constituents - whether online or offline - are stored in one centralized database. This is a game-changing opportunity for your organization to generate in-depth intelligence on constituents with customer reports and uncover key trends across the entire organization with executive dashboards. You can also determine how your organization's performance compares to other similar not-for-profit organizations and identify exciting new growth opportunities with sophisticated, but easy-to-use predictive analysis and modeling tools.

The Guided Performance Scorecard lets your organization track its performance by measuring progress with internal goals, as well as measuring against other industry-leading organizations. You can define what your organization tracks within the Staff site.

iMIS offers several out-of-the-box reports that your organization can begin using and customizing right away. Reports run and produce results with help from iMIS queries. You can edit these queries to change the report details.

For example, say you want to create a spreadsheet with every contact and organization phone number in your database. With the use of the Organizations and Contacts report, this is simple! Once the report has ran, you can view the results and then select the Excel export button. Keeping your organization organized has never been easier!