Your large and small event experience just got an upgrade. Now your members, donors, and other constituents can register for a conference or meeting, access agendas and locations, read speaker bios, find out which of their peers are also attending, and more - all online or through a mobile device.

This sort of control and access is what drives attendee satisfaction, increases product purchases, generates positive referrals, and enures retention. With iMIS 20, your organization can offer flexible event pricing according to constituent status, manage wait lists, and more. Large and small, your events have never been more accessible or profitable.

Each event displays an event-specific console page that provides a detailed display of information about the event such as its description and up-to-date registration figures.

Specific event content items are designed to present your events with self-service registration in the public facing iMIS website.

From a large annual conference with numerous program items to a weekly committee meeting, iMIS is built for you to create events smoothly and efficiently.

Searching events is made easy through the use of the event search, list, and calendar. You can search for events by month, event name, city, state, or province, or topic in the event search. The event list displays an overview of all the events that are available for registration. The event calendar displays all available events in a calendar format.

In Staff and Member sites, you can register yourself, another person using the On Behalf Of feature, or others from your company according to how the meeting is set up. These steps describe how to register people from your same company if the event is configured to do so.