This section guides you through the initial installation of an iMIS instance. You can review system requirements, the steps needed to take to prepare servers and any workstations before the installation process, and how to configure your iMIS instance after installation.

Use the following checklist as a roadmap for installing the iMIS application.

Before you begin
  Review system requirements
  Review install and upgrade changes
  Plan your iMIS architecture
  Configure accounts for database access
  Install additional required components
  Prepare all servers and workstations
  Download the iMIS product image
  Use the product image across the network
  Run the Installer
  Schedule content authoring workflow updates
  Set up Process automation tasks
  Define the date/time format for iMIS
  Change the font table
  Set up support for foreign language characters
  Set up organization codes
  Modify references to field names
  Load tab files to update zip codes
  Define user records and allocate licenses
  Change the default layout for SSRS reports
  (optional) Implement Analytics
Configure SQL, IIS and services
  Configure SQL Server Sessions
  Configure IIS 7.5 or 8.5
  Configure TLS
  Run Crystal Reports
  Optimize timeouts on iMIS servers
  Enable concurrent Casual and Full access
Configure the SOA Web service
  Prepare an SOA host
  Secure the SOA service
  Enable SOA service protocol
  Disable all external services access
  Restrict access
  Test external access
  Secure web services
Going Live
  Demo Data Removal
  Setting up an Order Confirmation template
  Go live with your website