Migrating certification programs

iMIS provides the ability to perform a one time migration of Desktop Certification data to the web. This migration will allow you to transfer any certification programs from your old style into the new certification programs.

From the Staff site, navigate to iMIS_URL/Staff/iMIS/CertificationManagement/MigrateLegacyCertification.aspx. You must be logged in as a SysAdmin user to access this content record. After clicking Migrate legacy certification, the migration will run in the background even if you navigate away from the page. This process may take several minutes or hours depending on the volume of existing certification data that is being migrated. Occasionally check the MigrateLegacyCertification.aspx page to verify if the process has completed and if any errors or warnings were encountered during the migration. If the migration process is interrupted, a button will be available to resume the process.

First migrate your data on a test database to verify no errors were encountered. The migration will not resume once errors have been encountered.

If program requirements have changed over an extended amount of time, older certification registrations may contain components that are no longer required for program completion. If a migration on a test database results in warnings about a program not containing a component, you can choose to temporarily add the component to the program and then remove it from the migrated program requirements after the migration has completed. For example, Registration found for component "ABC", student id "101" and program "Program A - Initial" (SEQN 56789), but the program does not contain this component.

All programs and components that are migrated have a default setting of Not requiring approval. This is necessary in order to be able to migrate previously completed registrations without requiring staff to manually approve the registrations after the migration. All program components will have a default setting of Requires grade so that they will not be automatically set to Complete when enrollments are migrated. Consider updating the programs and components to Require approval after the migration in order to prevent registrants from completing certifications without staff approval.

Several areas in the Desktop program or component definitions do not have equivalent fields in the web Certification.

Since there are no functional equivalents in the web Certification, data from these fields will be placed in the Description for future reference:

Programs Components
  • Established
  • Industry Code
  • UF_1
  • UF_2
  • UF_3
  • UF_4
  • Coordinators
  • Notes
  • Prerequisites
  • Address
  • Prerequisites
  • Instructors