Membership reports

All reports in the Staff site are created using either IQA, or an extension of Microsoft called SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). There are also reports that combine IQA and SSRS, where the IQA is used to define and pull the data, while SSRS is used to define the layout of the report.

You can run out-of-the-box reports on a variety of data within iMIS. Using an IQA or SSRS report is how you can get report data on the web.

You may in certain situations want to modify an existing SSRS report. To add or remove information from the report, you must download its RDL file and make adjustments to the SQL that the report uses. For more information about modifying a report, see Modifying and creating reports.

Note: Printing a report using IE11 requires that the browser be in Enterprise Mode. Contact Tech Support for assistance.

Note: To print a report, export the report using the PDF or Excel buttons, then print the exported report.

For more information, see Membership.

iMIS provides several out-of-the-box Membership reports. To access Membership reports from the Staff site, go to Continuum > Membership reports.

The following Membership reports are available: