Tracking email interactions with contacts

You can use the Interaction Log content item to track your organization’s email communications with your contacts. This content item displays useful information about each email your organization has sent a contact, such as date, type, subject and owner.

To view more detailed information about the email interaction, you can click the subject line link to view the email in preview mode and download any attachments sent with the message. You can also click the owner link to access the account page of the staff member who sent the email message.

You can also select to resend a communication, or download a communication as a PDF that can then be printed.

Note: If the email subject line was blank, a View message link displays in the Interaction Log.

An instance of the Interaction Log titled Recent Interactions is already included by default on the History tab of the staff account page, but you can add the content item to any page on your website. If the content item is placed on the member account page, contacts can view the emails sent to them.

You can create queries that use the InteractionLog or InteractionLogEvent business objects as a source to report on email interactions with contacts.

  • The InteractionLog business object contains one record per recipient that reports the last notification type, date, and time of the communication.
  • The InteractionLogEvent business object contains one record per notification for each email queued, delivered, dropped, opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed, deferred, and reported as spam.
  • Joining the InteractionLogEvent business object to the InteractionLog business object should be done using the CommunicationLogRecipientKey.

    Note: You must have an Advanced Email license to gather data for the following types of responses: Opened, clicked, bounced, unsubscribed, deferred, or reported as spam.
    With the Advanced Email license, these statuses will only be included for communications where Advanced Email was selected.