Managing files

Using the Content Html content item, you are able to create a link that provides a downloadable document.

These documents can be managed from RiSE > Page Builder > Manage files. From here, system administrators and content authority group members are able to manage existing and upload new documents. If there is a document in the Document System that you wish to provide as a downloadable document, you must move or reupload the document to the Uploaded files folder ($/Common/Uploaded files).

Note: You can increase the allowed size of uploaded files for your system. See Increasing maximum upload file size for more information.

To insert a link to a downloadable document, do the following:

  1. Create a new content record with the Content Html content item, or edit an existing record to insert a link.
  2. Note: If the content record you are working with is new, you must save the content record before you are able to upload a new downloadable document.

  3. From the editor toolbar, select the content link manager icon:
  4. Choose a Link type:
  5. Click OK.