Resetting the website cache

iMIS caches website data in order for certain pages to load faster. For example, queries, dashboards, system settings, system parameters, and iBO. In some circumstances, this can result in antiquated data. To revalidate the cached data, system administrators can purge the system cache.

As a system administrator in the Staff site, go to Settings > About iMIS. The following caching information is displayed:

  • Cache server version - The version of Redis™ being used on the server
  • Cached keys - The amount of cached data keys (strings, objects, lists) for the particular database instance

Clicking Purge System Cache will reset the Cached keys. The Cached keys number will rarely appear as 0 since iMIS will automatically begin recaching data. This purge is specific to a single database instance. If you are hosting multiple iMIS instances on a single server, clicking Purge System Cache will only impact this single instance. Other sites hosted on the server will not be modified.