Using the Content Browser utility

A standalone Content Browser utility lets you analyze all content across the entire Document system of any iMIS database. This tool helps you to see where content items are used, and how content is referenced by navigation. The Content Browser also allows you to identify and even delete orphaned content without having to locate the content through the Document system. This is especially useful since not all content is required to live in a Document system hierarchy.

The tree-view shows all the content folders and content records found in the system. Clicking on any node will show information about that content. The right pane contains two tab controls: Document Properties and Content Properties. At the bottom of the tree control on the left are Expand All and Collapse All buttons that expand all the nodes in the tree view or collapse them all back to folders, respectively.

At the bottom of the tree control is a special node, MiscContent, which will show any content that is found that is not in the document system hierarchy. This content is divided into nodes by the following

  • Records with document codes
  • Records without document codes
  • Records with alternate names/title
  • Records without alternate names/title

Most likely, any content found in the WithoutDocumentCode > WithoutAlternateName node can be deleted. However, because content does not have to exist in the Document system hierarchy, there could be valid content in any of these nodes, depending on how the content is referenced.