Using the information found within the Implementation section will aid you in getting your version of iMIS up and running. If you are installing iMIS for the first time, be sure to review the system requirements, located in the Installing iMIS checklist. Once your iMIS system has been installed or upgraded, review the Configuration and Administration checklists to learn more about what you can do with your iMIS system!


This section guides you through the initial installation of an iMIS instance. You can review system requirements, the steps needed to take to prepare servers and any workstations before the installation process, and how to configure your iMIS instance after installation.


This section guides you through the upgrade of your iMIS installations. You can review system requirements, review the steps you need to take to prepare your database before an upgrade, review the post-upgrade tasks you must undertake, and review the steps you must take to upgrade your existing websites.


After you have installed or upgraded iMIS, you can use the information in this section to begin configuring your site so that it is unique to your organization. Some configuration options include changing the appearance of the Staff site, enabling your users to log in with social media, and using the Workbook converter. These configuration options can be conducted at anytime, in any order.


The information in this section will enable you to perform administrative and maintenance duties for your iMIS installation. These duties include implementing a backup plan, restoring a database, setting up SQL server, adding product keys, and implementing PCI Compliance options. These administration duties can be conducted at any time, in any order.