Using Pay Later

The Pay Later payment method allows users to submit a transaction without immediate payment.

Note: Once you have selected the option to Pay Later in the cart, the option will not appear for that particular invoice again.

Adding the option to Pay Later

To configure your site to accept the Pay Later payment method, do the following:

  1. From the Staff site, go to Settings > Finance > Pay Central > Payment method sets.
  2. Select the Staff payment method set.
  3. Select Add new:
    1. Enter a Display Name of Pay Later.
    2. From the Payment Method drop-down, choose BillMe.
    3. Click Save.
  4. (optional) If you need public users to have the option to Pay Later, add the BillMe payment method to the Public payment method set.

Disabling the PO number option

By default with Pay Later, the Cart is configured to ask for a PO number (purchase order number). If you do not require a PO number while using Pay Later, you can disable the option.

Note: Before you begin, make sure you are already using a copied Cart. See Copying the shopping cart for more information.

To disable the PO number option, do the following:

  1. From the Staff site, navigate to the Cart.
  2. Enable Easy Edit.
  3. Open the Cart content record for edit.
  4. Locate the Payment Creator content item, then select Configure.
  5. Disable Purchase order number required for Pay Later.
  6. Click Save & Publish.