Business Object Designer field reference

When editing a business object, you work in the Business Object Designer window. The buttons described in this section are available for each tab of the interface.

The Business Object Designer is found under RiSE > Business Object Designer.

  • To create a new object, select New > Design Business Definition.
  • Warning!
    Do not create new folders in the BOD Folders pane. All business objects must be stored in the system-defined Design Business Object Definition folder only. You must also not create subfolders under the Design Business Object Definition folder. Business objects created in or saved to any other location will break.
    - Do not create and save business objects to any other location.
    - Do not move existing business objects to any other location.
    - Do not import business objects into any other location, regardless of the tool used to perform the import.

  • To edit an existing object, click Edit.
  • Note: You cannot edit a locked business object. You must save a copy of a locked business object and make edits to the saved copy.


  • Save - Saves changes to the Business Object Designer object. Changes will not go live in iMIS until the object has been published. You must save an object before you can publish it.
  • Publish - Publishes serialized metadata for the Business Object Designer object for use by BusinessRuleBase. Once the object is published, it is available to IQA and other controls within iMIS.