With simple-to-use tools, iMIS empowers your users to update their own profile information and manage their committee, chapter, and online community memberships.

Users can also expand their profile with data from popular social media sites and extend their professional network by accessing a searchable directory of members.

Communities isn't just for your users and members. iMIS staff users can create an unlimited number of tables and fields for collecting and tracking custom demographic data.

As a Staff user, you have an advanced set of capabilities available to you to support the communication and collaboration needs of the communities in your organization. You can redesign community layouts, move and edit community content items, and put community content items on other web pages. You also have the ability to manage contact, address, and custom information for individuals or organizations.

Community Administrators are responsible for taking care of the community. They can create new announcements, moderate discussions and boards, and define community memberships and subscriptions.

An exciting new feature iMIS Community offers is Contact Merge - Plus. System Administrators can manage all potential duplicates from a single interface. As a System Administrator, you can schedule a task to search your database for potential duplicates. This task will run on an interval, date, and time that you specify. You can edit this task frequently, or choose to search your system immediately.

Once the task has ran, all records identified as potential duplicates will be paired together and displayed in the same window. Staff users will see a customized alert on each contact's profile page warning that the contact may have a potential duplicate.