Understanding iMIS Marketing

iMIS Marketing gives your organization the flexibility to support any marketing need, from basic to complex. Marketing in iMIS helps you manage:

  • Fundraising campaigns, such as donor activation, reactivation, and/or renewal
  • Membership campaigns, such as membership recruitment, reactivation, and/or retention
  • Events and conferences
  • Lead generation projects
  • Publications marketing
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Legislative action initiatives

With iMIS Marketing, you can define and manage a coordinated series of marketing tactics, manage the responses, and analyze the results. Use iMIS Marketing to:

  • Plan and create campaigns that follow your organization's goals and requirements
  • Match the message to the target
  • Simplify campaign execution
  • Link packages to customer segments
  • Automate response follow-up tasks and move contacts to the appropriate stage in a multi-stage campaign
  • Track budgets at a high level or at a detailed level
  • Use analysis tools to monitor campaign success at each level

iMIS Marketing offers three areas that can work together to help you achieve your marketing objectives:

  • Campaign Management – Plan, create, and track single or multiple campaigns
  • Segmentation – Segment contacts and prospects according to demographic and behavioral patterns
  • RFM Analytics – Rank a contact's past transactions with your organization

You can use Campaign Management alone or you can use the three solutions together to take advantage of data analytics and advanced segmentation capabilities. This will help your organization target the efforts in the most cost-effective and customer-focused manner.