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The RiSE Development Platform is the foundation of the entire iMIS system. With RiSE you can modify and extend all aspects of the iMIS system: from the back-end Staff administrative site, to constituent self-service web pages, without affecting the product upgrade path.

Plus, RiSE has the flexibility to work with your existing content management system (CMS) or even the power to manage your entire web presence.

Site Builder

Site Builder allows you to manage sitemap navigation, websites, and URL shortcuts. iMIS includes a selection of Quick Start Sites loaded with the features you need to quickly, conveniently, and affordably launch your new website or microsite.

Page Builder

Easily modify and create new menus, screens, and web pages with powerful drag and drop functionality. You can use Page Builder to define the objects that secure, organize, and collect your content, and that assist with managing web content authoring activities.


Tags are a special type of keyword that you can associate with content records. Tags help generate more successful search results, and the automatic population of content based on tags.


Website maintenance comprises the ongoing tasks that you periodically perform to help you troubleshoot your iMIS content management websites and manage the publishing queue for each publishing server.

IQA (Intelligent Query Architect)

Intelligent Query Architect is a query-building tool provided with IMIS that offers simple access to iMIS data for reporting, mailings, or letter and email merges and provides the ability to create sophisticated queries against the iMIS database.

Business Objects

A business object is usually an inert set of instance variables (a variable defined in a class for which each instantiated object of the class has a separate copy, or instance) or properties. Business objects enable designers to design software in manageable pieces by breaking the business down into a modular form and separating each function into a software object so that as development progresses, increasing complexity can be added without huge changes to the other objects.

Panel Designer

Panels are custom displays of data that you are able to name, build, arrange in grids, and add to your site. Using panels, your users can browse, edit, add, and delete their data, as you specify.

Process automation

By using automated tasks, you can easily engage users without having to repeatedly complete time-consuming processes. You can set up a task one time, and it automatically runs when needed, ensuring perfectly tailored and timed communications with your organization’s contacts with minimal effort from staff.

Engagement scoring

To easily determine who is engaging with your organization, how they are engaging, and at what level, you can define engagement score formulas. Engagement score formulas are often calculated to statistically display trends among members of your organization.

Document system

The Document system is the web-based document management system for your entire iMIS system, providing unified management, versioning, and security of your organizational content assets.


You can view workflow queue items that are currently running or that are waiting to be run. You can also view failed workflow queue items and delete or reschedule any failed workflow queue items.

Task Viewer

You can use the Task Viewer to view, edit, delete, and add tasks.

Dynamic Content Items

Access a library of pre-built content items that can be used to publish queries, charts, or data to web pages. iMIS Dynamic Content Items are unique components that can be placed together on content pages of your iMIS sites that you build with RiSE.