Automatic payments (AutoPay) PLUS

AutoPay provides organizations the ability to support automatic renewal of membership fees and automatic recurring donations. AutoPay uses a tokenization engine to process credit card and bank account information for recurring payments while maintaining PCI compliance.

Note: In order to use AutoPay you must be licensed for AutoPay. For more information, contact your AiSP or ASI Technical Support.

Key features and benefits of AutoPay

  • Offering members or donors the choice of easy, automated payments.
  • Maximizing member and donor retention with automated renewals.
  • Enabling staff to discontinue automatic payments for members or donors at any time.
  • Using settings in the Staff site to set automatic payment options as off, opt-in, opt-out, always on or required.
  • Differentiating between automatic and non-automatic renewals so your members are billed accurately.
  • Staff previewing membership fees or donations to be collected, and submit for collection.
  • Securely storing credit card details in a PCI-compliant manner.