Issuing and viewing charitable receipts

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Any donation, charitable event registration, or purchase of a charitable item can be issued a receipt. For charitable events, a Start date must be defined. If an End date is not defined, the Start date will be used as both the Start and End dates. Receipts will only be issued for events whose End date is the current day or is a date that has passed.

You have the option to automatically issue gifts as they are received or manually issue receipts:

  • Automatically issuing receipts: There are three out-of-the-box scheduled tasks that you can utilize to issue receipts automatically. You must enable the scheduled tasks to begin automatically sending gift receipts. Receipts that are sent automatically by way of email are logged as an interaction with the donor and can be reprinted.
  • Manually issuing receipts: When manually issuing receipts to donors, staff users have the option to email or print the receipts.