Product Comparison Guide

This product comparison details capabilities found in iMIS 2017 (20.2.65), iMIS EMS Enterprise and iMIS EMS Professional. Refer to product documentation for details.

  iMIS 2017 (20.2.65) iMIS EMS Enterprise iMIS EMS Professional
Users can subscribe to a community No
Allow users to post to forums, blogs, wikis announcements and to libraries as specified by the organization No
Community members can share documents
Users can create titles for documents
Users can respond to discussion threads No
Includes the option to create communities by member type No
New documents are automatically tagged as new
Creates folders to store documents No
Unlimited number of discussion forums per community
Administrators can monitor and delete unwanted posts
Users can access a members-only website
Guests can become members
Users can selectively pay for membership subscription items
Members can join chapters, sections, and interest groups
Users can purchase non-membership subscription items
Committee minutes and notes No
Users can change their username and password
Users can create an account for an individual or an organization
Users can add or edit an address
Address verification for US, Canadian and UK addresses
Users can add or edit their profile picture
Users can view rosters of the groups to which they belong
Users can browse, edit, add and delete their data as specified by the organization
Users can edit their primary organization
Users can view other members of their organization
Company administrators can manage rosters and make payments for people within their company
Users can view their participation with the organization
Users can check out for dues payments, event registrations and orders at one time
Authenticates users using the iMIS security model
Users can create new accounts. Email verification helps prevent the creation of duplicate accounts
Users can update their own contact information online
iMIS for Clubs      
Users can add and update Clubs No No
Users can create households and add a member to an existing household No No
Users can check in a club member No No
Online donations
Online pledges with AutoPay installments No
Donors can be presented with suggested donation amounts based on donation history No
Donation premium support No
Staff Gift Entry
Source codes without Campaign Management Planned
Tribute notifications
Segmentation No
Campaign Management
Calculated gift history No
Split gifts Planned No
Salutations No
Multi-entity support (restricted vs unrestricted) No
Gift Aid and Gift Aid submittal to HMRC Planned
Unauthenticated donations
Users can register, update, and cancel
Users can register others in their organization
Ability to ask questions associated with an event or a function so that you can capture other information at the time of registration
Displays calendar of events
Ability to alert registrants of scheduling conflict-based conflict codes
Registrants can specify guest information No
Registrants can apply discounts
Registrants can be placed on a waitlist No
Registrants can add or edit badge information No
Ability to assign functions to event tracks (online registration is intuitive for your users)
Event resources (speakers, rooms, notes) No
Ability to prioritize functions within a track
Ability to restrict or bundle program items by registration option
Organizations can define the parameters for event registrations, including the number of guests
Staff can configure online event information
Provides HTML-based email notification of event registration
Linked program items No
Online shopping experience
Purchase non-inventory products
Ability to check out using a credit card, debit card, purchase order
Certified PCI-compliant
Automatic payments for dues and donations
Users can apply discounts
Asks customers for authentication number on credit card
Displays featured products for either the main store or an individual category
Displays quick view of current items in shopping cart
Automatic email confirmation to customer
Confirmations can be sent to any email address
Product inventory management No
Verifies product availability at time of checkout No
Ability to handle multiple pricing strategies (member versus non-member, quantity discounts, and flat rates)
Automatic batches
Manual batches No
General ledger interface
Deferred income No
RiSE web-development platform
Non-technical users can post content and maintain your website through a WYSIWYG editor
Assigns roles for contributors and approvers
Automatically sets data to post, archive or remove
Ability to publish to website once content is approved
Allows content to be displayed in multiple places
Maintains consistent look and feel of website through the use of themes
Contributors can assign additional attributes to content
Creates member-only content with security keys
Quick Start sites (Member, Donor, and Conference microsite)
Translation module No
Communication Suite
Advanced Email Marketing
Certification No
Contact Merge Plus
Group Administrator Plus
iMIS AutoPay
iMIS Forms No
iMIS Advertising No No
Application and technology
Technology .NET/Angular .NET/Angular .NET/Angular
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) support
Accessibility: WCAG 2.1 level AA
Based on iMIS Business Objects
Security model
Available and hosted by ASI
Designed for mobile compatibility and responsive design