Getting Started with iMIS Guides

The purpose of this guide is to help you configure important areas of iMIS. It is assumed that you are a new iMIS user, and have little-to-no knowledge about iMIS.

To make sure you are taking full advantage of your iMIS Engagement Management System, it is recommended that you complete the steps outlined in this guide, while skipping over the areas that might not apply to your organization.

Still, do not rely solely on this guide to configure iMIS. This guide covers many important configuration steps that must be completed, but there will be other tasks you will perform on a more routine basis that are not covered in this guide.

It is acceptable to print this guide, or use the electronic version. The electronic version contains links to other resources that explain a topic in further detail. If you print this guide, you will obviously not be able to use the hyperlinks, but you will have no problem using certain areas of the guide without the hyperlinks; however, in some instances, you must navigate away from the guide and use the help site to continue a process.