20.2 New Features and Enhancements

Advanced Solutions International, Inc. is proud to announce the production release of iMIS 20.2. This release adds to the iMIS 20 release, so you can install it easily if you are already using iMIS 20. You can also upgrade directly from iMIS 15.1.3.

With iMIS 20, we introduced the Engagement Management System (EMS) that helps organizations to better engage members, donors, and other constituents – as well as staff – anytime, anywhere, and from any device. It includes constituent management, commerce management, member self-service, online fundraising, social engagement, private communities, and mobile access in one seamless cloud-based system.

Constituents — as well as staff — can access the complete system from a web browser. Plus, iMIS 20 has the flexibility to work with an existing Content Management System (CMS) or — for many organizations — the power to manage their entire website. iMIS 20 eliminates costly integration efforts, enables you to gather better constituent intelligence, and helps you make smarter business decisions.

Release at a glance

For this release, we focused on enhancing your organization's ability to engage with your members, donors, and other constituents and to measure their interactions with your organization. The release includes enhancements that were made across all of iMIS, with particular attention to reaching your constituents globally with iMIS Translation, providing a Certification self-service feature, and viewing important information with enhanced dashboards. All features and enhancements are focused on improving the iMIS experience.

Note: Additional licensing might be required for the following new and enhanced features. Contact your AiSP or ASI for more information.

The following new features are included in the iMIS 20.2 release:

The following improved and enhanced features are included in the iMIS 20.2 release:

  • iMIS Communication: Template management, deliverability, opt-in/opt-out functionality (license required for selected features).
  • Social engagement: Sign in using Facebook, contact social media links.
  • Relationship management: New Committee Administrator and Chapter Administrator roles (license required for selected features).
  • Continuum: Dashboard chart enhancements, new reports.
  • Website design and management: Manage links and data panels, grid system for layouts.
  • Events: Specify date range for online registrations and search results, add previously registered guests.
  • Fundraising: Adjust recurring payments, import donation data.
  • Commerce: Adjust transaction date, define Fair Market Value, TNSPay gateway.
  • Staff productivity and security: Edit and save changes to Staff site navigation, new security settings.

New Features

Additional Enhancements

20.2 Upgrade changes

This iMIS release delivers many changes to existing features, the database schema, and infrastructure that could impact an upgrade or install. Be sure to review this information before upgrading or installing iMIS 20.2.

Highlights from previous iMIS 20 versions