Moneris is available in Canada. Moneris supports the following transactions:

  • Credit card:
    • single donation, membership, or product

Before you go live with card authorization, you must complete these implementation steps and checks. You will need a merchant account with Moneris. As a developer, you will also need a copy of the Moneris SDK, documentation, tools, and a test account with test card numbers. Make sure your test account credentials work properly.

  1. Ensure you have set up card authorization in iMIS.
  2. Apply for a merchant bank account at a financial institution. The acquiring financial institution approves the application and notifies the Moneris authorization gateway.
  3. Register with Moneris and obtain a test account with a payment server, Merchant ID, certificate files, payment host URL, and login/password for the payment administration web interface.
  4. Verify your registration setup.
  5. Set up a Moneris card authorization account.
  6. Associate a credit card cash account code.
  7. Manage Moneris transactions.