Merging contacts

As organization membership expands and changes, contact information might accumulate and be replicated for an individual contact. In order to streamline your contact list, users have the ability to combine or delete unnecessary contact information.

With Contact Merge, when you discover that two records are duplicates of each other, you can combine two contact records by choosing one content record to retain, and another content record to discard. All information with the retained record is preserved, and certain blank values are copied from the discarded duplicate record. Some of the different types of record information that might be merged include the following information:

  • Identity
    • Missing data in the retained record is populated when the data exists for the duplicate record.
    • Related data (for example, Physical Address, Phone, Email, or Fax for a specific address) in the retained record is updated only when corresponding related data exists in the duplicate record, and the data fields have not been populated in the retained record prior to the merge.
    • Contact ID field values in all related items (for example, Orders, Invoices, Event Registrations, and Group Memberships) for the duplicate record are replaced with the contact ID of the retained record.
  • Financial
    • All financial information, including order history, orders, billing parties, and shipping parties, are merged so that the retained record contains the combined history from both records.
    • Gift history is recalculated after a merge so that the donor history reflects the combined giving from both records.

    Note: Donor club records are neither created nor deleted, and can be duplicated if both records contain qualifying gift history.

  • Activity History
    • Any activity that was associated with the discarded contact record that was not retained is merged with the retained contact.
    • If custom activities exist, they are updated after a merge.