System Setup

System Setup

iMIS Management

Set up printers

Task Viewer

Module Setup

Security Administration

Creating iMIS user records

Users window

Roles window

Enabling CAPTCHA security

Authorization levels: Desktop views (../CS)

Access Keywords in Customers

Preconfigured security sets

System Setup (File menu)

Modifying license configuration

Defining the date/time format for iMIS

Changing the font table

Support for foreign language characters

Organization Names window

SQL Security Setup window

Specifying a folder for Letter System templates

Activity record file attachments

Utilities (Utilities menu)

Report Specifications

SQL Query

Reports and Queries

Data Transfer Utilities

This section describes the administration and security options in System Setup, as well as the options available through the administrative views:

  • The File > System Setup window
  • The Utilities menu
  • The Multi-instance Utility, available in the iMIS \bin folder

Note: To view and use this area, you must log on as a system administrator (the SysAdmin role).

Note: These instructions also apply to Desktop. If you are interested in learning about System Setup on the RiSE sites available in iMIS 20, please see System Settings.