With iMIS, all interactions with your members, donors, and constituents, whether online or offline, are stored in one centralized database. This is a game-changing opportunity for your organization to generate in-depth data about constituents with custom reports and uncover key trends across the entire organization with interactive dashboards.

iMIS Report Writer

The iMIS Report Writer is a web-based drag-and-drop report designer and interactive report viewer embedded within iMIS. The Report Writer offers secure access to iMIS data sources such as business objects and IQA queries. It also offers complex reporting features, visualizations and dashboards.

Key features

  • Easily build reports, interactive dashboards and data visualizations:
    • Object-level and row-level access to iMIS data.
    • Quick sources as used in IQA are available to use in the Report Writer​.
  • ExpressViews:
    • Simple on-the-fly reports.
    • ​Drag-and-drop grouping, sorting, filtering, aggregates and formatting.​
    • One-click charts.
    • ​Can be styled and saved as PDF, RTF, CSV, or Excel files.
  • Advanced Reports:
    • Familiar report-designer interface with integrated wizard for report creation.
    • Formulas and conditional formatting.
    • Embed visualizations.
    • Quick and easy drag-and-drop data and visualizations.​
    • In-context grouping and summarizations.
    • Merge data without data-model knowledge.​
    • Easily convert ExpressView reports to Advanced dynamic crosstabs.
  • Dashboards:
    • Combine one or more reports onto a design canvas. Other reports can be added to a dashboard, and visualizations can be created directly on the canvas.
    • Interact in real time with dynamic filtering and drilldowns.

Reports and dashboards

iMIS includes reports and dashboards so you can monitor, analyze, and improve the performance of membership, fundraising, events, product sales financials and other program areas. You can modify existing standard reports or dashboards or easily create your own.

Key features

  • Modify existing reports or create your own.
  • Automate distribution and management of reports across your organization.
  • Track key performance indicators using visual dashboards.
  • Modify existing visual dashboards or easily build your own.
  • Measure year-over-year progress towards key performance indicators and compare performance to other industry organizations with the Guided Performance Scorecard (GPS) dashboard.