iMIS Pay Gateway

Tip! Review iMIS Pay Getting Started and iMIS Pay FAQ to learn every thing you need to know about the iMIS Pay gateway.

iMIS Pay Central – powered by Global Payments – makes payment processing simple, secure, and affordable. Save time and money with low rates, automatic card updates, next day funding, and significantly reduced PCI requirements:

  • Next Day Funding: iMIS Pay Central supports next-day funding, directly to your bank account. Unlike other processors who like to gain interest on your money or place your funds into a “holding” account, iMIS Pay Central offers next-day deposit solutions to streamline your cash flow and collections. Your organization will receive 100% (gross amount) of your money deposited on a daily bases.
  • Decline Minimizer: Decline Minimizer is a dream come true for any organization with repeat donors, recurring payments or membership dues. Every night, behind the scenes, iMIS Pay Central retrieves new data (expiration dates and 16-digit card numbers) for credit cards stored in our Cloud Data Vault. This ensures your future transactions process successfully, without interruption.
  • Note: Decline minimizer is supported in North America but is not supported in Australia or New Zealand.

  • ACH/eChecks Support: ACH processing is a clean and easy way to accept eChecks and bank drafts from your customers. Fully integrated within iMIS Pay Central, your business is able to streamline ACH transactions and minimize the cost of electronic payments. Reporting allows you to process, track and manage your ACH payments without ever leaving iMIS.
  • Recurring Payments:AutoPay, when combined with iMIS Pay Central, delivers the most robust recurring payment solution on market. Automate membership dues, donations and other future payments directly within iMIS. AutoPay supports both credit card and ACH transactions, giving your customers the freedom to pay how they want, when they want.
  • Note: If you plan on using ACH transactions, you must request a separate gateway from Global Payments to minimize any confusion between ACH transactions and credit card transactions. Global Payments will not request this information from you, so it is important that you communicate to them that the separate gateway for ACH transactions is required by your organization.

  • Simplified PCI Compliance: With iMIS Pay Central, PCI Compliance is a breeze. PCI Assure, powered by Global Payments, allows iMIS users to streamline the validation process in as little as 15 minutes. In addition, with the new iMIS Data Vault, your business is eligible for a $100,000 breach guarantee. Rest easy, knowing that your customer’s card data and your business is processing on the industry’s most secure platform.