Implementing Friendraising

Friendraising adds social networking and peer-to-peer fundraising functionality to the iMIS Fundraising product line. Customers who add Friendraising to their iMIS solution can empower their constituents to reach out to new members and donors. Friendraising supports campaigns and special events that rely on fundraising among peers to succeed.

This entirely web-based service empowers both the organization and its supporters. Organizations are able to communicate directly with team captains, share fundraising tips and tricks, upcoming deadlines, success stories, and other key information for the campaign. The result is dramatically increased campaign and member recruitment and fundraising revenue built upon of the strength of one-to-one relationships.

Friendraising consists of two pieces:

  • The Friendraising Administration Console (a third party application) provides you with a site where you can create online fundraising events, from which your supporters can sign up to participate, create their own personal pages, set up collection goals, raise funds, and promote their participation to their friends, family, and others.
  • Note: Contact your AiSP about obtaining the Friendraising Administration Console, which is separate from the iMIS Friendraising interface. The console is a required component of the Friendraising feature.

  • The Friendraising Interface in iMIS provides the tools you need to import all activities from the Friendraising site into iMIS to create new contacts, event registrations, and donations. When a member clicks Sign Up on their Friendraising event home page, that transaction is considered a registration in the Friendraising system. During sign up, the member can add a Friendraising donation. iMIS uses a similar model to integrate transactions:
    • A Friendraising constituent is imported as an iMIS Contact.
    • A Friendraising registration is imported as an iMIS Event Registration.
    • A Friendraising donation or sponsorship is imported as an iMIS Donation.