Defining content folders

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Do the following to define content folders.

  1. From the Staff site, go to RiSE > Page Builder > Manage content.
  2. Select the content folder in which you want to create the new content folder.
  3. Select one of the following:
    • Go to New > Website Content Folder to create a new content folder.
    • Click Edit to modify an existing content folder.
    • Go to Organize > Delete to delete a content folder.
  4. Define the content folder’s Properties, Workflow Management, Current Tags, and Access Settings.

In most cases, content folders are automatically published when you click Save. However, if you define an existing content folder that contains any content records with a status of Working, or if you edit a folder that contains no content records, the content folder is not automatically published. You must subsequently click Publish from the toolbar to create an active Published version. You can choose to publish the children content records at the same time, if desired.