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To easily determine who is engaging with your organization, how they are engaging, and at what level, you can define score formulas. Score formulas are often calculated to statistically display trends among members of your organization. Displaying these trends can benefit your organization and provide increases to the following areas:

  • Donation levels
  • Membership growth, renewals, and upgrades
  • Participation on social media
  • Website traffic
  • Volunteerism within your organization
  • Event attendance
  • Overall member and donor interaction with your organization

Defining scores comes down to figuring out what your members and donors are passionate about, and building your efforts around that. The same techniques are not going to work for every audience, and with score formulas, you can define the processes that will work for you.

There are two different versions of scoring available to you: Standard and PLUS. Standard is available to you out-of-the-box. PLUS requires additional licensing. For more information, contact your AiSP or ASI Technical Support.


Standard scoring allows you to perform the following:

  • Use any of the starter score formulas and dashboards that are included with iMIS.
  • Make basic changes to the starter score formulas to change the underlying IQA queries and the component weights (multiplier).
  • Enable or disable specific score formulas.
  • Add, edit and remove the categories in the starter score formulas.
  • Display the contacts' scores on the Staff site or on your public website.
  • Create alerts or personalized content using scoring data if you are licensed for Process Automation. The alerts or personalized content can then be added to any public or staff website. This content could include:
    • Member or donor badges
    • Personalized content with links to other specific content
    • IQA-based groups based on the scoring category of the member
  • Use scoring data in your own dashboard queries.


In addition to the Standard Scoring functionality, PLUS Scoring allows you to perform the following:

  • Maintain complete control over scoring.
  • Create your own score formulas or reconfigure existing score formulas.