Using Quick Start Sites

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Quick Start Sites are out-of-the-box iMIS websites that you can easily copy in order to create customized sites for your organization. Quick Start Sites showcase some of the more complex enhancements in iMIS, such as dynamic content items, functionality, and UI improvements as they become available.

Quick Start Sites are designed to be copied and tailored using powerful RiSE tools to create a unique web presence for your organization.

Note: By default, the Quick Start Sites are marked as Inactive. If you want to use a Quick Start Site, enable the Is this website active option (go to RiSE > Site Builder > Manage websites, and click the expand icon in the Status area).

Note: Upgrades overwrite the Quick Start Sites, but you can add new content records and navigation items to a site for your own testing purposes. Upgrades will preserve your test objects.

iMIS Quick Start Sites