RiSE videos

These videos will teach you how to add new web pages with unique master pages and themes, create a checkout page easily with Dynamic Content Items, how to use Easy Edit while building websites, and create automated alerts for staff and members.

For information about RiSE training classes, see iMIS Training.

Creating shortcuts

Managing images

Editing content with Easy Edit

Creating websites

Creating content records

Moving content items and content records

Working with content through RiSE

Adding new pages to websites

Displaying automated alert sets

Working with master pages and themes

PLUS Advanced automated alerts capabilities

PLUS Creating automated alerts

Setting up the Advanced Accounting Console content item

Query Chart content item

The Document System Part 1

The Document System Part 2: Access Settings

Creating groups from queries

Changing the homepage for authenticated users

Setting up a simple query

Adding filters and links to IQA queries

Sorting and subtotaling IQA queries

PLUS Creating scheduled tasks

Creating business objects

Implementing a mobile site

PLUS Sending scheduled reports

Responsive website content

Process automation overview

Scoring overview

PLUS Customizing the provided Score formulas

PLUS Creating and calculating new Score formulas

PLUS Creating an automatic email

Tailoring staff and member account pages