Getting Started

iMIS Cloud is an Engagement Management System (EMS)™ that helps you better engage members, donors, and other constituents — as well as staff — anytime, anywhere, on any device.

It includes constituent relationship management, commerce management, member self-service, online fundraising, social engagement, private communities, and mobile access in one seamless cloud-based system. Constituents and staff can access the complete system from a web browser. Plus, iMIS Cloud has the flexibility to work with an existing Content Management System (CMS) or — for many organizations — the power to manage their entire website.

iMIS Cloud eliminates costly integration efforts, enables you to gather better constituent intelligence, and helps you make smarter business decisions. To assist your organization, iMIS includes the following tools:

Before you get started with iMIS, we recommend you review the various security settings that will need to be configured before you go live with your website.

Accessing the ASI Client Support Portal

As a new user of the ASI Client Support Portal, you must set up access to ensure you can submit support tickets to ASI.

Do the following to get access to the ASI Client Support Portal, if necessary:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Request Access.
  3. Enter information for all fields on the Account Request Form.
  4. Note: The email address entered on the Account Request Form must match the email address at which you currently receive updates from Technical Support.

  5. Click Send. A Thank you confirmation message is displayed.
  6. Once your Username and Password have been set up, you will receive your new credentials in a confirmation email from ASI Support Services. This email will arrive between 24 and 48 hours after successfully submitting your request.

    You can directly access and log in to the ASI Client Support Portal at

    Note: Make sure to bookmark this URL for future use.

Using the iMIS Cloud Help site

The ASI Documentation team offers a help site for each iMIS edition. From the Support Portal, go to Support > Documentation and select your iMIS edition to open the iMIS Help site.

You can also access:

  • Video tutorials – Access to the iMIS video tutorials
  • Documentation archives – Access to previous Help site versions
  • Other ASI Products – Links to other ASI products that can be used with iMIS