iMIS Cloud is the latest edition of iMIS. It is 100% Desktop free and cloud‐based. It unifies your member database, online payments, website, and third‐party applications into a single cloud‐based engagement management system (EMS)TM leading to operational efficiencies, revenue growth, and continuous performance improvement.

Why upgrade to iMIS Cloud?

  • Get New Features: iMIS Cloud is 100% Desktop‐free, and you can do everything you need through the modern web‐based staff interface. Plus, as with every major release, there are hundreds of new features, updates, and improvements.
  • Enjoy Automatic Updates: Once you upgrade to iMIS Cloud, future new features and updates are continuously delivered. You no longer have to deal with expensive and disruptive upgrades and service packs.
  • Access Seamless Integrations: iMIS Cloud uses our new modern RESTful API. This type of API is optimized for the internet and is the API of choice for cloud‐based solutions. We currently support integrations from leading solutions like Informz, Higher Logic, Clowder, Web Scribble, CadmiumCD, with more to come.
  • Leverage Best‐in‐Class Security: The iMIS Cloud application and cloud environment are both officially validated as PCI compliant, relieving you of the expensive and time‐consuming task of ensuring your system is PCI compliant.
  • Reduce IT Expenses: You can save up to 70% with iMIS Cloud because you have no server hardware or software expenses, no upgrade expenses, no PCI security audit expenses, plus you free up significant IT staff time.
  • Get Expert Support: As the developers of iMIS, we are best positioned to ensure your iMIS Cloud solution is secure, current, and effective.
  • Realize World‐Class Performance: Starting in 2019, iMIS Cloud will be powered by Microsoft Azure, the world’s leading cloud services provider.

In addition, Cloud computing is unquestionably the future of the technology industry and we have reoriented our entire production approach to focus on the full life‐cycle of product development including Cloud deployment and support.

Can I upgrade to iMIS Cloud now?

Yes! Clients have already started upgrading to iMIS Cloud from iMIS 2017. Contact ASI Tech Support for more information about how you can upgrade.

Can I stay on iMIS 20?

Yes, if you are not yet ready to move to iMIS Cloud, you can stay on iMIS 20. There will be an update to iMIS 20, known as iMIS 2020, available after the general iMIS Cloud release. iMIS 2020 will contain many, but possibly not all, of the new features in iMIS Cloud. iMIS 2020 will also not include any of the cloud‐related benefits of iMIS Cloud.

What are the new product brand names for iMIS?

New Brand Former Brand
iMIS Cloud - Enterprise

iMIS 20-300 deployed in ASI's pure-cloud environment (no VDS)

iMIS Cloud - Professional iMIS 20-100 & iMIS 20-200
iMIS 20 iMIS 20 deployed on premise, in a third-party hosting environment, or in ASI's traditional hosting environment (with VDS)