Configuring AutoPay

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Note: In order to use AutoPay you must have a license key. For more information, contact your AiSP or ASI Technical Support.

When your site is configured with AutoPay, donors are invited to make recurring donations of monthly, quarterly, or annually, and members have the option to have their future membership renewals automatically paid.

Before you configure AutoPay, the following must be true:

  • You have an AutoPay license key. Contact ASI for more information.
  • You have at least one payment gateway configured (iATS, Payflow Pro, Payflow Pro with DataVault, SecurePay or Vantiv/WorldPay). You must have a gateway configured before configuring AutoPay. See Gateways for more information.
  • You have a tokenization engine (ASI-hosted or self-hosted). The ASI-hosted tokenization engine is Pay Central Service.

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