Managing individual events

In the Staff site, every event in iMIS has its own unique console. From a single location, staff event managers are able to see at-a-glance statistical information, run reports and print badges, view registrants, and view and edit event and program item details.


The Showcase tab is the landing page for events, and displays the same information your event registrants see. Event details, functions, and options are configurable from this section. For more information about using the showcase tab, please see Creating an event and Registering for events.


The event-specific Dashboard tab provides a quick view of important, up-to-date registration information and statistics for a specific event. The dashboard information is configurable. See Tailoring the dashboards for more information.


The Registrants tab presents a listing of all the registrants for a selected event.


The Questions tab displays registrant responses to event-level questions. Answers are displayed in a percentage format for yes/no questions, in a graph format for multiple-choice questions, and as a collapsible list for open-ended response questions.

Event questions can be reported on using the FormDefinitionFieldData and FormFieldResponseData business objects.