Advanced Email

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Note: The following information is considered a PLUS feature and additional licensing is required. For more information, contact your AiSP or ASI Technical Support.

Advanced Email makes interactions with your constituents efficient and effective. Advanced Email enables you to send email more reliably, track the effectiveness of individual emailed communications, and apply what you learn to continually improve your communication approach.

With Advanced Email, you will know:

  • Why a message failed to reach a recipient
  • When a message was delivered
  • Whether a message was opened
  • Which links included in a message were clicked
  • Who marked the communication as spam, if applicable

You can analyze communications at an individual level by reviewing the details of a single message to a particular recipient to see what email events occurred, or at an overall level by analyzing one or more communications to determine its effectiveness, identifying which links were presented in a way that enticed readers to click the links, and so on.

The data collected from the Advanced Email interactions are displayed in several dashboards within the Staff site. The dashboards display statistics for an individual email, or across all emails sent within the last twelve months.