Language translation

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With iMIS Translation, your organization can transform your online presence to reach and engage with your members around the world. You can increase brand awareness, membership growth and revenue by engaging with potential users in their language. With a translated website, users can simply select their preferred language and your iMIS website is automatically presented in a friendly, familiar, and engaging way for your users.

Note: In order to use Translation you must have a license key. Contact ASI for more information.

iMIS includes translated Versions (dictionaries) for the following Cultures (languages):

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch

Additional languages will be available in the future.

The following areas in iMIS are translated:

  • Labels
  • Prompts
  • Navigation links
  • Page titles
  • Tabs
  • Column and row headings and identifiers
  • Drop-down menu items
  • ALT-text for images

Note: The iMIS Translation feature does not support translation of user-provided data content. For example, phrases in a Content Html content item, product titles and event titles will not be translated.

For out-of-the-box websites and templates, the language translation drop-down is provided and appears either in the footer or header for each page. For Theme Builder templates, users must add the language translation drop-down manually.

Note: To display the language translation drop-down in a custom template, you need to add and configure the Utility Navigation content item to add this service to your website.