System requirements

iMIS architecture is made up of a single database server, one or more application servers (appservers), and two types of clients (Advanced Accounting Console and Desktop), which are fully web-accessible, or might run on typical workstations. These requirements apply across database servers, appservers, and workstations. Web clients only need to meet requirements for displays and browsers.

Warning! Installing .NET 4.6.2 is required for iMIS 2017 (20.2.64) and is supported for previous versions of iMIS beginning with iMIS Q4 2015 (version 20.2.26), but is not compatible with versions prior to iMIS Q4 2015. If you have multiple versions of iMIS installed on the same server and those versions are different, only those versions beginning with iMIS Q4 2015 can be installed on the same server as iMIS 2017. Versions of iMIS prior to iMIS Q4 2015 must be installed on a separate server without .NET 4.6.2 installed.

Install additional components

The following components must be installed. The iMIS installer checks for specific product versions. These components must be installed on the hosts (iMIS server and Advanced Accounting Console). If the following components are not installed, the installer will display a message indicating which components were not installed and then exit.

Optional products, such as Analytics, might have additional requirements. See the reference materials for these products to review any requirements or installation information.