Note: iMIS Pay is the required gateway for the US and CA regions. Those in the AP and UK can still use other gateways.

Warning! The Payflow Pro gateway is incompatible with Commonwealth Bank of Australia for transactions through an iMIS website. It is recommended that you use SecurePay instead.

Payflow (PayPal) is based in the United States and is available to customers in North America and Asia-Pacific (excluding Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Hong Kong). The Payflow Pro gateway only requires Pay Central Service for recurring payment processing.

The following table outlines more information about using the Payflow gateway with AutoPay/recurring payments.

AutoPay Type of transaction Payflow Pro
With AutoPay Recurring credit card


Recurring ACH/Direct Debit No
Single ACH/Direct Debit No
Without AutoPay Single credit card


Single ACH/Direct Debit



Before you go live with card authorization, you must complete the following implementation steps and checks:

  1. Apply for a merchant bank account at a financial institution.
  2. You must apply for a merchant bank account. The merchant bank is where all the credit card transactions are verified. You can find a list of financial institutions using the authorization gateway website. However, before contacting a merchant bank, check with your bank to see if it is compatible with the authorization gateway.

    Every organization accepting online credit card transactions must have a merchant account with an acquiring financial institution.

    The acquiring financial institution deposits the daily credit card sales into the merchant’s account after deducting applicable fees. Some acquiring financial institutions perform merchant services in-house; others outsource these functions to a third-party processor. These services may include billing, customer service, reporting, authorization, and settlement services for merchants. A third-party processor is a company that provides credit card services to merchants on behalf of acquiring financial institutions.

  3. Register with the Payflow Pro card authorization gateway.
  4. Verify your registration setup. This will be a notification from PayPal.
  5. Verify the Pay Central Service is setup. Go to Settings > Finance > Pay Central. The status messages should be green. If the status messages are not green, contact ASI Technical Support.
  6. Add the Payflow Pro gateway to iMIS:
  7. Define the payment method and payment method sets. If the payment method isn't correctly set up, the transactions will not go through.
  8. The default currency code must be specified in order for iMIS to pass the correct currency values to the gateway.
  9. Submit and review test transactions. See the Paypal developer guide for testing details.
  10. The acquiring financial institution approves the application and notifies the authorization gateway.

This process generally takes two-to-four weeks to complete.

Editing and deleting credit card payments

PayPal transaction entries are generated with a captured status. You can edit or delete payment transactions if the changes are made on the same day. If the transaction has already been charged to the credit card, an error will be reported.

iMIS assumes that authorizations are captured every night, so the changes are only allowed if performed on the same system date as the authorization. However, the system date might not be the same as the batch date or the transaction date.

Note: Deferred payments have not been authorized and can be edited without restriction.

Payflow Pro authorization code

If you are using Payflow Pro as your credit card authorization gateway, and PayPal as your processor, you will see an authorization code of 111111 for all gateway transactions. The authorization code field is tied to a merchant ID. The merchant ID represents the processor, and since Paypal is the processor in this scenario, there is no merchant ID. The value of 111111 is a default.

In terms of reconciling iMIS transactions with Paypal transactions, the Authorization code is not needed. We use the Gateway reference number in iMIS to link to Paypal's Transaction ID.