With iMIS 20 you can manage inventory, product sales, invoicing, and other financial transactions, all from one centralized system. Your members, donors, and other constituents can buy products, track their order status, and review their order history online or through a mobile device. Your organization can process PCI-compliant transactions, increase staff productivity, reduce costs, and improve your organization's performance.


Manage your financial transactions more effectively and efficiently through iMIS. Staff users can print contact account statements, manage batches, backdate cash and check transactions, process month-end procedures, and enter cash receipts and adjustments


Staff users can configure important payment settings for processing cash, checks, or credit cards through the use of supported payment gateways. iMIS provides a secure method for processing payments and ensures confidence when your customers visit your website. Invoices can also be issued, adjusted, or reversed if the payment has been submitted incorrectly or requires a change.


Construct an online store by easily adding products and applying product categories or promotions to individual or groups of items. Allow your members and non-members to select products and add items to a shopping cart tailored by your staff for a user friendly online commerce experience. The On Behalf Of feature gives your staff a customer service mode in order to complete website commerce on behalf of your customers.


Both domestic and international taxes can change how shopping carts appear to users who are located in different regions around the world. You can configure your products to automatically calculate taxes from areas such as the United States, Canada, Asia-Pacific, or the European Union that will be applicable to the individual user purchasing an item and checking out from your website.