You can create highly effective, targeted marketing programs that resonate with your members, donors, and other website visitors. Our advanced data management tools let you select and segment lists, manage budgets, execute multi-channel programs, assign follow-up, and then analyze results to determine what worked and what didn't.

You can also manage sponsorships, major giving, or other large sales opportunities - all from one centralized system that gives you the power, control, and flexibility you need to run today's sophisticated integrated programs.


An iMIS staff user can send an email to any query-based list of contacts. Before composing the communication, you can review the contact list, remove contacts from the list, and include attachments.


Managing your campaigns with iMIS is easy! Staff users can set up and manage basic or complex campaigns, then monitor the campaign performance, all from a single interface.


Use Segmentation with campaign management to group contacts and prospects into targeted audiences. With Segmentation, you can created targeted contact and prospect lists according to demographics or behavioral patterns, split segments into multiple lists to prioritize the segments, and much more!

RFM analytics

RFM Analytics is an analytical tool that provides rankings for your contacts based upon their financial participation with the organization. Any organization that targets contacts based on past participation, like fundraising, can benefit from RFM Analytics.

Process Manager

Process Manager helps you optimize the opportunities presented to your organization, build ongoing relationships, and manage processes assigned to individuals or groups. You also have the means to analyze, forecast, and report on the efforts.