Managing activity tasks

Staff users can assign follow-up activity tasks for other staff users or themselves as reminders to perform certain actions. For example, you can remind an event coordinator to call an event attendee by creating a call reminder activity task assigned to the event coordinator. The activity task will then generate an alert that appears on the event attendees's profile page that only the event coordinator can see.

Out-of-the-box, there is a Call history panel on the History tab of profile pages where new activity tasks can be created and assigned. In addition to this panel, staff users can create new panels with other various activity types that suit their organization's needs.

Staff users can view tasks assigned to them and all unassigned tasks from the Community dashboard on the My tasks tab; only activities with a follow up date will be included in this list. Selecting the hyperlinked name pulls up an Activity Profile page where the staff user can review the activity information alongside the contact person's information. A staff user can then mark the task as completed by removing the follow up date, and adding notes in the follow up field.