Using scheduled tasks

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System administrators can add scheduled tasks, enabling iMIS to run a task when a pre-defined trigger (Process Automation trigger), event, or scheduled time frame occurs. Once a trigger event occurs, iMIS will run the appropriate task.

Each scheduled task can have Process Automation Triggers, Data sources, Conditions, and Actions. A scheduled task must contain Process Automation Triggers and Actions; Data sources and Conditions are optional.

There are two different versions of Process Automation available to you: Standard and Plus. Standard is available to you out-of-the-box. Plus requires additional licensing.


Standard Process Automation allows you to perform the following:

  • Edit Triggers, Data Sources, Conditions, and Actions.
  • Add or delete Triggers, Data sources, and Conditions.
  • (Action tab) Edit the Recipient data source or Communication.
  • (Action tab) Edit the Run a report action.
  • (Logs tab) Search by the Status and Start dates.


In addition to the Standard Process Automation functionality, PLUS Process Automation allows you to perform the following:

  • Add new scheduled tasks.
  • Copy existing scheduled tasks by clicking Save As.
  • Modify the Name, Description, and Type.
  • Add or delete Actions.
  • (Actions tab) Edit the existing action Type.
  • (Actions tab) Edit the Run a stored procedure action.

Since these scheduled tasks are disabled by default, go to RiSE > Process automation, select the task you want to use, then select Enabled.