Using the Workbook Converter

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The iMIS Workbook Converter lets you easily import contact data from Excel spreadsheets within a workbook into iMIS. Most of the documentation for this tool is embedded within the workbook, on the Instructions tab or as a note that appears when you hover over the column headers in each worksheet. Implementation instructions are included here. Be sure to read the Before you begin section and the FAQs in order to ensure a smooth conversion process.


Before using the iMIS Workbook Converter, consider the following:

  • The Workbook Converter must not be run on the web server. The Workbook Converter is designed to be run on the application client only.
  • Monitor the memory requirements of the Workbook Converter. Your application client must have at least 16 GB of RAM available.
  • For jobs that do not exceed 10,000 entries (names, addresses, related data, activities and so forth), a single Workbook will generally be sufficient. For jobs that exceed 10,000 entries, it is recommended that you use external comma-delimited (CSV) files. The UseLargeWorkbookSupport option supports workbooks exceeding 70 MB. The primary workbook is able to point to CSV files, and the UseLargeWorkbookSupport option is used to support large conversions. The UseLargeWorkbookSupport option does not load the entire workbook into memory for processing in order to optimize conversion time. For more information, refer to the Options worksheet in the sample workbook.
  • Note: The UseLargeWorkbookSupport option does not support coloring error cells.