Creating IQA-SSRS reports

To use SSRS reports natively in iMIS, you work with three associated objects:

  1.   Query — provides the data needed for the report.
  2.   Template (Reporting Services Template, the .RDL file) — provides the formatting to display the results, such as a matrix or pie chart. IQA uses a default template that you can generate from any query, either to save in the Document System or to export as an RDL, for editing and reimport.
  3.   Report (the runtime report, an iMIS output process) — binds the query and the template, sets the name, parameters, and security, and makes the report usable from a content item or list of reports.

You can generate a default table-based SSRS report just by using the Report command in IQA. Then you can export the report so that you can craft production-quality page layouts or add charting and graphing.