Defining product kits

If your system is licensed for Kitting, iMIS Orders allows you to create and maintain product kits. Product kits are groups of individual products sold as a single unit for a single price.

A product kit cannot consist of other product kits or be a stock item. However, a product kit can consist of both individual stock and non-stock items. Just as with individual products, you must define a product category before you can define a product kit. In addition, each individual product first must be defined on the Products window before it can be sold as part of a kit.

Note: When defining product kits, be sure to enter a Weight. Shipping by weight charges will not calculate for a product kit unless a weight has been defined, regardless of whether weight has been defined for the individual kit components.

Once you define the product kit on the Products window, you can assign the individual products to the kit using the Kitting window.