Module authorization levels

Module authorization levels determine what functionality the user sees in the Staff site. The levels are assigned by iMIS area.

To access the Module authorization levels, go to Community > Security > Users:

  1. Search for the contact and click the name link.
  2. Click on the arrow to expand the Staff access panel.
  3. Choose the Module authorization levels and Save.
  • Specific Types – Controls the customer types that the user can edit in Customers. The types listed in this field can be edited by the selected user. For example, if you only want the user to be able to edit records with customer type CM, add CM to the Specific Types field. The user will have read-only access to all other records. Separate multiple customer types with spaces or commas.
  • Access Keywords – Restricts the user from viewing secured windows, tabs, reports, or windows. Separate multiple access keywords with spaces or commas.

Full and Casual users can access the Staff site based on their authorization levels. The out-of-the-box authorization levels can be updated and viewed from the Staff site sitemap. From RiSE > Site Builder > Manage sitemaps, select Staff site from the drop-down, then click the Access settings tab and expand the Level assignment drop-down.

Note: Some functionality in the Staff site will require you to have a license key. Contact ASI for more information.