Automatic membership renewals

In iMIS 20-300, a membership is represented on the web by a set of billing products that are defined by a billing cycle. Basically, a billing cycle is a set of component products. Each billing cycle sets the rules for how a membership will be presented to a prospective member or a renewing existing member.

For prospective new members to join your organization, you must be sure to define your billing cycle with the following options:

Any billing cycle (either cash-based or accrual-based) can be used for generating a renewal billing for subsequent membership periods. However, there are specific considerations that must be taken into account for allowing online membership renewals, or supporting automatic renewals through AutoPay.

Processing of automatic renewal payments through AutoPay is available only for membership renewals that have been billed using an accrual-based billing cycle. For more information, see Processing automatic membership renewals.

With AutoPay enabled for Membership, when members join an organization, or when they renew their memberships, they can select an option to have their future membership renewals automatically paid. Once a member has selected to have future membership renewals automatically paid and provided payment details, iMIS stores an AutoPay instruction record containing a token (not the account details) for use when future renewal payments are processed. To make sure membership renewal payments can be processed automatically, your organization must bill your members that have enrolled in automatic renewals using a separate billing cycle.

Note: AutoPay uses a tokenization engine (DataVault) to process credit card and bank account information for recurring payments while maintaining PCI compliance. In order to use AutoPay for recurring payments, you must have a license key. Contact ASI for more information.

The following are required in order to use AutoPay: