Defining billing products

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The Billing products screen is used to define or create product codes for products that will be billed or for which your organization collects money. The Billing products screen defines product line items, default pricing, entity, and General Ledger account information.

Only products with defined product codes can be billed. One product code should be created for each potential dues or subscription-type product or service that will be billed. Unless General Ledger account numbers vary by Customer type, a single, primary membership dues product can be established.

Note: To determine a price for a given product, iMIS first looks to see if a price is set on the Special Pricing window. If no price is set on the Special Pricing window, iMIS then checks the Customer Types window. If no price is set or the Comp option is not enabled on the Customer Types window, iMIS then looks in the Billing products window.