Q4 2015 New Features and Enhancements

We are pleased to announce the availability of the iMIS 20 Q4 2015 release, the fourth major release of iMIS 20 since its launch in May of 2013. This new release continues to build upon and enhance the iMIS 20 Engagement Management System (EMS), RiSE web development platform, and Continuum business intelligence features to help clients better engage with constituents and realize continuous performance improvement.

With each new iMIS 20 release we continue to extend our vision of the only Engagement Management System (EMS) for the not-for-profit world, replacing obsolete CRM and AMS systems. Significant new features and modules in the iMIS 20 Q4 2015 (20.2.26) release include:

New Features

Additional Enhancements

Install and Upgrade Changes

This iMIS release delivers many changes to existing features, the database schema, and infrastructure that could impact an upgrade or install. Be sure to review this information for each release since your last upgrade before upgrading or installing iMIS.

Highlights from previous iMIS 20 versions